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ing. Over a hundred thousand hectare▓s of crops are ruined.Traffic was disrupted on dozens of roads and 150 businesses had to▓ halt production.CARACAS, June 14 (Xinhua) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Sunday that the government has set targets for exporting food to neighbor countri

es and is progressing towards food independence. During his weekly radio and television broadcast "Alo Presidente," Chavez said Venezuela's cattle herd now topped 12 million he▓ads and is estimated to rise to 14 million by 2012. Chavez hosted Sunday's show from the La Bandera farm in southwestern state Tachira, a model socialist dai

ry farm set up on land seized from drug traffickers. The▓ Venezuelan g

overnment has seized 50 farms from

traffic▓kers, equivalent to 12,000 hectares suitable ▓for livestock. La Bandera now has 1,985 hea

meters, and the maximu▓m d


▓ds of cattle, up from 1,300 18 months ago;▓ and produces 38 percent more milk, the V▓ene

zuelan president said.Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in western China is not as well known as some eastern provinces. Helping farmers ▓there escape poverty is a tough task. Ten years have passed ▓since the central government launched a policy to develop western regions. CC▓TV reporter Xu Zhaoqun finds out how f▓armers in Ning

xia are shaking off poverty.This tagl▓ine is always mentioned by local

of▓ficials when briefing visitors

.Refo▓resting farmland and rejuvenating grasslands is the primary agriculture policy▓ in Ningxia

epth, 4.By 3 p.m. Friday, av

.Zhao Zhiqiang, director of Hongsipu Development Zone, Ningxia,said, "Livestock must be raised on farms, instead of scattered ov▓

er the grassland. Mountain dwellers are also moving to live on the plains, leaving the mountains to be reforested."Hongsipu is a newly built development zone, housing 200,000 farmers from mountain areas.銆€銆€By Yang Lina, Zhang Mingyu 銆€銆€BEIJING, March 3▓0 (Xinhuanet) -- The abolishment of the feudal serfdom in ▓Tibet is a great c

ontribution to the progress of human civilization and human rights aro

und the gl▓obe, said a Tibetologi

st here. 銆€銆€Liu Wei, who also once worked as a journalist in Tibet for more than 20 years, ou

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tlined his view in an interview with Xinhuanet recently. 銆€銆€Liu Wei (L), a senior reporter of Xinhua News Agency, is in▓ an interview with Xinhuanet on March 27, 2009. Liu,also a Tibetologist once lived and worked in T

l administrati

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ibet for 26 years. (Xinhua Photo)銆€銆€"The abolition of serfdom in 1959 is a reform on Tibet's social system an▓d a key co

mponent of China's New-Democ▓ratic Revolution," he said, "it follows the historical development and global trend." 銆€銆€Liu pointed out that "in te▓rms

of 鈥榟uman rights', a

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